Bem-vindo e obrigado por se juntar a mim terráqueos e companheiros amigos de criatura


Welcome and thank u for joining

me earthl ings and fellow creatu re frånds

Bienvenido y gracias por acompañarme, terrícolas y amigos de las criaturas







Live Show+Interview


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Grammy me



I'm worthy


The Well

-10/19/18; Space Vampire Music Video

Release Party


-06/04/18; SeaSpace Single Release Party, with

Scam Avenue, The More, and Glitch Cake

Gold Sounds

-02/24/17 with Hello Phones, Scam Avenue, and Order of Operations

The Gateway

- 11/8/17 with A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, Love Spread, and Kidaudra


-01/16/17 with A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, GODXSS, and The Spookfish

Lantern Hall

- 09/23/17 with Radenz


- 12/14/16 with Bunny X, Taylor Plas+ Slink B!tch and Wolkoff

Terra Firma

- 06/08/17, Terra Firma's Northside Festival Showcase,

Cowboy Music Video Release


- 04/26/17 with Leviticus Pharaoh, Lord Fascinator, and Late Guest at the Party

Bar Matchless

- 11/27/16 with Frankly Benjamin, Ian Bamberger Trio and Ben Miriello


Terra Firma

- 11/16/16 with My Darling Fury, Nerve Leak and LANTRNS


+++ Terra Firma, 10/21/17 ~ American Beauty, 9/26/16 ~ Gold Sounds, *Aftrbrth* 07/19/16 ~

Barranquilla Studios (House Show), *Aftrbrth* 06/21/16 ~ Grand Victory, 05/28/16 ~

EP Release Show Max Cellar, 08/14/15

The Well

-10/19/18, Space Vampire Music Video

Release Party



After the release of the trippy, space vibes music video “Space Vampire” this past October 16th. Originally created by the band Aft3rbrth, filmed and edited by Dylan Bowman...

The Moonbeing is currently terribly busy on:

Working on her next music project releases for the new year 2019.

Creating her performance art based live shows. If you're lucky you're in New York and can have a chance to see her.

Looking and seeking out new collaboration opportunities for music and beyond. Moonbeing loves playing with others.


if u must have more info: Try clicking this like button on I heard there are...things updated to there.

Que ?!

Moonbeing Tale

Indica Moonbeing was reborn in New York City, planet Earth. Lover of all things real and unreal, existence and life, process and art, fantasy. This creature believes in making magic a reality. Her passion in life is to fight and help save the precious planet, and beautiful, disastrous human race. Will you help her fight?




For booking and press inquiries, or just to say hi, please contact the Moonbeing below.



Thank u, have a nice day.

Gracias, que tengas un buen día.


Obrigado, tenha um bom dia.


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